AI SMS “Chatbot”

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AVA (Automated. Virtual Assistant)

AVA the AI will do the selling for you. You set back and make $100 over and over everyday. 

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AVA the AI is making thousands of dollars for people right now while they sleep, play and enjoy life. What about YOU?

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If you would like to make $100 over and over again every day while a Sweet AI Lady (AVA) does the selling for you then you want TextBot-ai. 

Roger and I use TextBot-ai and we recommend that you do too. Many of our members are already making money right now! Let AVA do the selling and the conversion for you.

She can turn leads into customers, PLUS you get paid $100 for every lead that joins you. Plus she does even more.

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New Automated Marketing System

New Automated Marketing System

Newbies on Fire Is an Online System That produces a very nice “Now Money” income for you while you’re building up your other residual income streams.

You Can Start from the Lowest Offer Of $25 or 100 and start receiving Multiple Continuous returns


Build a Biz Online

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Online Marketing Tools 


Online Marketing Tools
This Program Will Help You Greatly In Building Your Online Business

Build A Biz Online Is The Internet Marketing Tools That I Have Been Using To Promote My Existing Business Online And Affiliate Links  .

This Program Will Help You Greatly In Building Your Online Business

Here’s some of what you can Get With This Program


– Splash/Squeeze Pages

– Url Shortner/Tracking

– Pro AutoResponder (unlimited opt-ins)

– Banner Maker (multiple sizes)Showcase

– 20 Personal Programs Page

– 10 Personal Banner Page

You can join as a FREE and stay FREE forever BUT if someone joins
under you and upgrades you will only receive $.75 BUT if YOU are
upgraded at just $10, you would make $6.00 a month so long as
both stayed a PRO

Now that’s not bad for the Low Pro Fee of Just $10 is it?

Our Mission

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our mission is to bring to you the latest tips and tricks to help you generate above-average income
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