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Recharge And Get Paid

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Recharge And Get PAID (RAGP) Limited is a telecom company that is registered with CAC and NCC to do business here in Nigeria, they want us to benefit from the airtime, data, utility bills (PHCN) and cable TV subscriptions


What is the name of the company?


What is the name of the CEO?

*Mr. Ositadinma Oshopo*

When was the company founded?


What are your products?

*VTU vending of AirTime and Data of all GSM Networks; Cable TV Subscriptions such as DSTv, GOTv and StarTimes; and PHCN, WAEC, NECO coming soon.*

Do you have an office in Nigeria?

*Yes, a Corporate Head Office in Abuja FCT, as well as an office in Ibadan and a Training Centre in Calabar.*

s the company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC?

*Yes, we are CAC registered and we are also licensed by the National Communications Commission (NCC).*

Are you sure this company won't fold up like others?

*We are very sure because it is a legally registered and licensed corporate entity recognised by the laws of the land and especially because it deals in products that have a PERMANENT market ie as long as we have human beings, these products will ALWAYS be in demand.*

How do I join your company?

*Get back to the person who introduced or first told you about the company and signup through him/her.*

Must I refer anyone before I start making money?

*No! You can make money from distributing VTU and other products alone if you so choose.*

Getting people is hard; how do i go about it?

*Not anymore in these days that we have social media platforms. Besides, we operate on a team effort basis with marketing techniques that are tried, tested and proven. All you have to do is follow instructions and just COPY AND PASTE. We will also make available material which you can use to help you further after you have registered and come on board.*

Why should I target leaders to join me?

*Because they have influence on people already.*

You said referring people is very good; what is in it for us if we do that?

*The mouth watering compensation plan for referrals and VTU bonuses is a beautiful reason for those who refer others.*

How many people am I expected to directly refer?

*At least 3.*

Can I refer more than 3 people directly?

*Yes, of course you can! In fact, the more, the merrier and better for you!*

Do spillovers help my downlines?

*No, they don't.*

How then can I help my downlines?

*You can choose to use their Referral ID/UserNames to signup people.*

Is the VTU for all networks?

*Yes, it is: MTN, GlobaCom, AirTel & 9mobile.*

How do I sell this VTU?

*From your customized VTU wallet.*

How do I get the monies in my e-wallet as cash to spend?

*You can transfer the monies to your bank account everyday; sell to others who need e-wallet funds in exchange for cash or sell as VTU.*

What about the PVs; what are they used for?

*To keep record of activity that will qualify you for monthly leadership bonuses and other incentives.*

How do I accumulate PV?

*STRICTLY from signups and account package upgrades.*

What is the benefit of upgrading?

*It helps you avoid losing referral commissions, PV and VTU bonuses.*

What if I don't wish to upgrade?

*You lose all the earlier benefits of upgrading I just mentioned.*

How do I upgrade?

*It's simple! Have the e-wallet funds in your account and click the upgrade icon.*

What is the difference between the monthly PV and cumulative PV?

*Monthly PV qualifies you for the monthly N100,000 and you must achieve 10,000PV in a month while Cumulative PV qualifies you for incentives with no qualifying time frame attached to it.*

If I don't make the Leadership Bonus this month, what happens to my PV?

*It rolls over into your Cumulative PV.*

Can I make Leadership Bonus every month?

*Yes, you can! Just be passionate about your business.*

If I accumulate more than 100,000PV, will i still be earning?

*Yes you will! Check out the just added incentives

Do I get PV and commissions for my indirect sign ups?

*Yes, you do.*

How do I earn VTU bonus?

*From the recharge of AirTime (0.35%) and Data (1%) of ALL your downlines from level 1-10.*

Can people outside Nigeria join RAGP?

*No, for now. In any case, the Nigerian market is very big and untapped.*

When I register with N5,000/N50,000 and I'm given N1,000/N10,000 as my Registration Bonus, where will the remaining N4,000/N40,000 go to?

*To set up your online office; pay your uplines and, partly, to the company to sustain the business for you.*

How does having more Direct referrals help me?

*It increases your chances of having active downlines and helps you earn more referral bonuses, PV and VTU bonuses.*

Success is yours!

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Affiliate Marketing Ideas

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The Lost Code

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